Birth Now Doula Support

Happy New Year!

Last year, Doula support for all pregnant women desiring an in-person Doula took on a very different appearance in the world of maternal child health. Some were fortunate to experience live Doula support on the day of delivery while others were challenged with adapting to virtual support due to the pandemic and the shutdown in 2020.

One thing that rang true is that pregnant women, despite challenges that come, are very resilient and strong individuals. These qualities resound as we have entered 2021. With a few tweaks and adaptations pregnant women can still have and experience a desirable birth experience with the support of a Doula in person or virtually.

Circle of Birth Doula Services used the lessons of 2020 to re-energize our website and also offers virtual support meetings to help pregnant women stay on target with their ideal birth plan.

We thank you in advance for your referrals as we look forward to empowering pregnant women in 2021!

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