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Having Yvette as my doula was the best decision I ever could have made. I waited 12 yrs to have my second child and was nervous. Yvette was by my side the entire pregnancy and during labor and after . She made sure my birthing plan was followed and that I was comfortable. I would not dream of having another child without a doula. Even though my boyfriend was there... the comforting techniques she used while I was in pain helped me get through and it made all the difference . I highly recommend her and she will definitely be my doula for my next child. She is very caring and understanding and has an amazing personality.

Yvette was an amazing doula and I have been recommending her to anyone I know having a baby. Yvette was my doula for my first baby and she helped me so much since I didn't know what to expect. She helped me decide on if I should have my son at a hospital or birth center. Any questions I had she always answered. She was amazing during my labor and even more amazing after I gave birth. I had a real hard time during postpartum and Yvette always made sure to check up on me. Even till this day my son is 9 months old and she still takes the time out to make sure we are both doing okay.